Information for Artists

Artists who live and work in the mid-Atlantic region are welcome to submit an application at any time. Links to the Artist Submission Form and information for prospective artists are provided below.  If you have additional questions, please contact the Art Committee at


PHONE:  410-730-4090







The following rules have been established for all exhibits.

1.       Artists must live or work in the Mid-Atlantic Region and be at least 18 years of age.

2.       Artists will be notified of acceptance by the OMI Art Committee. A submission does not automatically guarantee acceptance.

3.       To be considered and possibly approved for exhibition, artists must submit the following items to The Meeting House Gallery.

  • A completed submission form.
  • A $30 submission fee should be included with this form (waived for members of congregations of The Meeting House). Checks or money orders should be made payable to “Oakland Mills Interfaith Center” with “GALLERY” on the memo line.
  • At least 12 images (provided by disk, e-mail attachment, or website URL) representing the artist's current work with the medium and final dimensions for each piece specified. JPG image resolution must be 300 dpi and no larger than 8 inches on a side. Image file names must include artist’s last name and title of the piece in the following format: Bonnard_The Open Window.jpg. Images not in this format may be rejected.
  •  NOTE: If you would like to have your submission material returned, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope (appropriately sized with correct postage).

4.       The OMI Art Committee will approve all work chosen for exhibition. Additional pieces can be added at the discretion of the Committee prior to the exhibition. All artwork must conform to the following standards.

  • Work must be original and available for sale, (unless other arrangements are made).
  • Work to be hung on walls must be appropriately prepared for hanging, with professionally prepared frames (or equivalent quality), and screw eyes and wire only. Saw tooth hanging devices at the top of a picture frame are not permitted. Use of poor-quality hanging devices or frames will result in the piece not being hung at the exhibition. Each picture can weigh no more than 30 pounds. This is the only method that works with The Gallery’s hanging system. It is the artist's responsibility to make sure that his/her artwork complies with these requirements.
  • There are two display cases for 3D work, such as sculpture, ceramics and carving.
  • Name, Address, Phone Number, Title, Medium, and Price MUST be affixed to the back (or bottom if 3D) of each work.
  • Absolutely no human nudes and no political or religious imagery will be accepted.

5.       The final acceptance of artwork will be at the sole discretion of the OMI Art Committee.

6.       Three weeks prior to drop-off, the following items must be submitted to The Gallery:

  • A one-page (8.5” X 11”) double­-spaced artist statement/bio;
  • A complete list of works to be exhibited, including the price and measurements of each, on a single page;
  • A separate document or disk with JPG images of each piece (300 dpi resolution images, no larger than 6 inches on a side), which may be used for publicity purposes.  File names must include artist’s last name and title of the piece in the following format: Bonnard_The Open Window.jpg.   

7.       If accepted, the Committee will advise the date and time the artwork is to be delivered to The Gallery.

8.       All artwork must remain in The Gallery for the duration of the exhibit, including pieces that have been sold to patrons.

9.       Work must be picked up by the Monday following the end of the show. We are not responsible for artwork left at The Gallery. THERE IS NO STORAGE SPACE.

10.   The Gallery is responsible for the hanging and removal of the exhibit. Although the utmost care is taken during handling, hanging, and display of the work, The Gallery does not insure the work and is not responsible for any loss or damage. Insurance is the responsibility of the artist.

11.   The Gallery provides the following services:

  • Publicity release for each exhibit,
  • Printing of postcard announcements for distribution by the artists,
  • Artists Bio Book, and
  • Guest Book for patrons to comment /leave contact information.

12.   The Gallery will sponsor an opening reception for the exhibit.

  • Most attendees at the receptions will likely be friends, family and patrons of the artists; therefore, it is in the best interest of each artist to invite guests to the reception.
  • All artists are expected to help with set-up and clean-up. Although the time allotted for the reception is two hours, also allotted is one-half hour set-up time and one-half hour clean-up time.
  • Artists are responsible for providing food, limited to cheese, crackers, fruit, vegetables and finger-food desserts. No meat or shellfish products are allowed for receptions.
  • The Gallery will provide a fruit drink, tables, linens, paper products, trash cans, and recycling bins. 

13.   The Gallery will label each work with the artists’ contact information. Any patrons indicating interest in purchasing art works will contact the artist directly.

14.   A 25% commission on works sold shall be part of the agreement to exhibit.

15.   If a work is sold, it is the artist's responsibility to notify The Gallery via email ( so that a red dot can be affixed to the label. Collecting payment and payment arrangements are solely the artist's responsibility; OMI staff members cannot accept checks or act as intermediaries. Commission will be due after the close of the exhibit, payable to Oakland Mills Interfaith Center and mailed to the address at the top of this form. Indicate “GALLERY” on the memo line of the check.